Emily Dutton - Specialist in Veterinary CardiologyEmily has held a passion for cardiology since qualifying from Edinburgh University in 1999. After obtaining the certificate in veterinary cardiology in 2003 from general practice, Emily began working exclusively as a veterinary cardiologist in 2006. In 2014, she was awarded the RCVS diploma in veterinary cardiology followed by RCVS specialist status in veterinary cardiology in 2016.

Emily enjoys all aspects of feline and canine cardiology, but is particularly interested in arrhythmias, collapse, biomarkers and echocardiography. Emily is currently a member of the heart testing panel and has been elected joint secretary of the Veterinary Cardiovascular Society.

Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology

“I first met Emily in August 2010 when she was called in to deal with Darcy who was very unwell indeed. Emily was as patient with us as she was with Darcy and we found her extremely approachable, both face to face and during telephone conversations. I always feel that this is an extremely important quality in any vet – it’s vital to be able to have confidence and an open relationship when you are trusting another person with the wellbeing of a much loved pet. I would not have any hesitation in recommending Emily to any pet owner who found themselves in need of a veterinary cardiologist.”

“ Having bred Newfoundland dogs for over 30 years, the health of my dogs is paramount. One requirement from the Kennel Club is echo Doppler heart testing. Emily has been testing my dogs for many years now. Her professionalism coupled with her sympathetic handling always ensures minimal stress for my dogs."

“ I first met Emily in August 2014 when Maggie was diagnosed with a number of severe cardiac problems, including congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation. Her prognosis, without medical intervention, was very poor. Emily explained how, with medication and monitoring, Maggie could have a reasonable quality of life for whatever time was left to her. Emily’s continued support and advice gave me the confidence to monitor Maggie’s progress and medical needs. Maggie had another 9 months of good quality of life before her condition really deteriorated. I would be happy to recommend Emily to anyone in need of an expert veterinary cardiologist for their pet."